November 14

Life on The Acre

A little over a month ago, we proudly unveiled the completed first phase of the Reimagining of Allen Center project, which included the transformation of the One Allen Center lobby, as well as a new one-acre central greenspace, The Acre, housed in the heart of Allen Center.

What was previously a passive courtyard shared between One, Two, and Three Allen Center has now been revitalized into a one-acre green oasis, and signature feature of the Allen Center renovation, we call The Acre. In tandem with Brookfield’s placemaking strategy, the courtyard was transformed into a vibrant greenspace featuring more than 200 trees, uniquely curated botanical zones, and specially designed areas for tenants to enjoy the space alone, or with one another.

Upon its opening, we celebrated the The Acre by hosting a week-long series of events for our tenants as a thank you for their patience during the Reimagining of Allen Center. From yoga to morning coffee and pastries, tenants gathered on The Acre throughout the week to celebrate. Since then, it’s been amazing seeing our tenants and the downtown community embrace and utilize The Acre.

Walking through The Acre, you’ll see folks enjoying lunch or an afternoon coffee together. You may also spot tenants working on a project in the Wi-Fi enabled space or colleagues collaborating on an assignment. We get so much enjoyment out of seeing our Allen Center and downtown communities spending time in our new urban greenspace.

How do you like to spend your time on The Acre? Share your experience on The Acre with us on social media by using the hashtag #TheAcreHTX.

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