May 17

It’s Earth Day Every Day: Brookfield Properties’ Sustainability Efforts

In honor of Earth Day last month, Brookfield Properties hosted a week-long Electronic Waste Drive across all of its Houston properties, including Allen Center. Tenants were tasked with bringing recyclable electronics, such as computer displays, printers, game devices, and cell phones to the lobby of their respective building throughout the week of April 16th.

In addition, members of the management teams were handing out eco-friendly goodies, including a shopping tote and chip clip, both made from recyclable materials, as well as basil seeds. The company’s waste consultant was also readily available to answer any questions about the building’s recycling program. 

Earth Day art installation in the lobby of Two Allen Center featuring recyclable materials.

In 2017, the Houston region collected 6.76 tons of electronic waste and this year, Two Allen Center alone collected an impressive 4,446 lbs!

Initiatives such as the Electronic Waste Drive speak to the company’s commitment to sustainability. Last year, Brookfield Properties recycled 11,000 tons, which saved 75 million gallons of water, 44 million KWH, and 35,000 cubic yards of landfill.

To further support its sustainability efforts, Brookfield Properties is committed to implementing LEED programs across their portfolio. Last fall, One Allen Center earned its LEED Gold certification making its entire Houston portfolio – including Two and Three Allen Center, 1600 Smith, Total Plaza, Heritage Plaza, and Houston Center – LEED Gold certified.

As Brookfield Properties continues to cement its standing as a leader in Downtown Houston for creating dynamic workspaces, its sustainability efforts remain a top priority.

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