Find out more about announcements, construction updates and access during the reimagining process at Allen Center.

October 10

Reimagining of Allen Center: Phase I Now Complete

The Reimagining of Allen Center kicked off in June 2016 and we are thrilled to share that phase I of the renovation is now complete! 

Our multi-million dollar project included a complete transformation of the One Allen Center lobby featuring a two-story glass façade, which will later be home to premier retail as well as a signature chef-driven restaurant; along with a reclad sky bridge that connects One and Two Allen Center. The signature piece of the renovation was the transformation of what was previously a courtyard housed between One, Two, and Three Allen Center into a beautifully landscaped one-acre greenspace we call “The ACRE.”

As you’ve crossed the newly-built sky bridge, you may have noticed the overall transformation of the courtyard into the vibrant greenspace that is now The ACRE. The open, green oasis features five curated landscape areas, each unique and vibrant in their own way. Environmental sustainability was a key factor in The ACRE’s landscape design. Fun fact: from the original courtyard, 63 trees were saved and replanted in The ACRE with an additional 171 planted as well!

Check out a few photos of The ACRE and the newly-renovated One Allen Center lobby:

Keeping our tenants and guests needs in mind, The ACRE features high-end, moveable furniture allowing for larger or more intimate gatherings. The space is also Wi-Fi enabled, which will allow for more collaboration amongst visitors and promote walkability in downtown.

The Reimagining of Allen Center was born out of our desire to cement Brookfield’s standing as a leader in downtown for creating dynamic, unique, multi-use spaces for our tenants and for the next generation of downtown employees. Thank you all for your patience during this first phase of the reimaging of Allen Center. We invite you to come visit and utilize our transformed space! 

This is just the beginning for Allen Center. For the latest on Allen Center and Brookfield’s other Houston properties, follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Photos courtesy of Peter Molick Photography.

September 25

Big News: One Allen Center Now LEED-EB Gold Certified

We’re excited to share that One Allen Center recently achieved LEED-EB Gold certification through the Brookfield LEED Volume Program. The certification of One Allen Center means that we are now LEED Gold certified across our entire Houston portfolio, which includes Two and Three Allen Center, 1600 Smith, Total Plaza, and Heritage Plaza. 

Brookfield Property Partners is firmly committed to the continuous improvement of energy performance and the sustainability profile of its office portfolio. This certification comes as Brookfield continues to cement its standing as a leader in Downtown Houston for creating dynamic, unique, multi-use spaces, for our tenants and for the next generation of downtown employees. 

For the latest on Allen Center and Brookfield’s other Houston properties, follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

August 22

Reimagining of Allen Center: Project Update

We’re nearing the end of the initial phase of renovation at Allen Center! Last May, we announced the multi-million dollar project, including the complete transformation of One Allen Center’s lobby into a two-story glass façade that will be home to a signature chef-driven restaurant. The first phase will also reveal a new, beautifully landscaped one-acre greenspace and a transparent sky bridge that seamlessly connects One and Two Allen Center.

If you’ve peeked through the fencing or peered out the windows from above, you’ve noticed that Allen Center’s core is transforming into an open, green oasis, lined with a vibrant array of trees and landscaping. The sky bridge connecting One and Two Allen Center is now complete and offers an unobstructed view of the property and surrounding areas. Our construction team is also hard at work wrapping up the One Allen Center glass box transformation.

Check out this time-lapse video to see some of the progress:

The reimagining of Allen Center was born out of our desire to cement Brookfield’s standing as a leader in downtown for creating dynamic, unique, multi-use spaces for our tenants and for the next generation of downtown employees. As we near the end of the first phase of redevelopment at Allen Center, stay tuned for the big reveal, and for exciting updates on what we have planned next!

For the latest on Allen Center and Brookfield’s other Houston properties, follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

July 26

Allen Center welcomes Motiva Enterprises expansion in One Allen Center

Last May, Brookfield Properties announced the multi-million dollar reimagining of Allen Center, a renovation project starting with the creation of a two-story glass façade facing Smith and Dallas streets; a signature chef-driven restaurant; a one-acre greenspace; and an upgraded sky bridge connecting One and Two Allen Center. The Allen Center renovation is just one of the many ways that Brookfield is cementing its standing as a leader in the downtown community for creating extraordinary, multi-use spaces for its tenants.

Recently, leading refiner and distributor Motiva Enterprises transitioned to a stand-alone operation and renewed its lease at One Allen Center to occupy more than 204,500 square feet within the building, a more than 15 percent increase over its existing space. Brookfield worked with Motiva to deliver new signature features to the space, including a lobby reception center, a conference center floor, and a private green roof terrace overlooking the new greenspace being created at Allen Center. Motiva’s decision to not only renew their lease, but to expand their space in One Allen Center, speaks to many leading companies’ desire to locate to a premier mixed-use development downtown like that of Allen Center. 

For Brookfield, the Allen Center redevelopment was a means of creating a unique and dynamic space for the next generation of downtown employees. For us, this is only the beginning. We look forward to welcoming more companies like Motiva and to continue to work to make Allen Center a vibrant destination for all. 

For the latest on Allen Center and Brookfield’s other Houston properties, follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

December 12

Out with the Old, In with the New

Since the groundbreaking of the reimagined Allen Center in May 2016, much progress has been made. As a part of the renovation, we have completely revamped the West Sky Bridge connecting One and Two Allen Center. We are excited to announce that the new sleek and sunny West Sky Bridge is open and we have also moved forward with the demolition of the East Sky Bridge. Take a look at this time-lapse video which shows the construction of the West Sky Bridge and a video of the demolition of the East Sky Bridge.

The renovation of the East and West Sky Bridges are part of the $48.5 million renovation underway at Allen Center. Other renovation features include a nearly one acre greenspace; a chef-driven signature restaurant; and the transformation of the One Allen Center lobby into a two-story, clear glass façade. For more updates on the Allen Center renovation, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! To learn more about the “reimagining” of Allen Center, please visit our project page.

Videos courtesy of D.E. Harvey Builders

August 18

What’s in store at the reimagined Allen Center? Perhaps a signature restaurant

Construction of the reimagined Allen Center in downtown Houston is well underway and Brookfield Properties, together with Transwestern, will deliver a new 25,000 sq ft restaurant/retail mix with seamless connection to the streetscape and the surrounding business community. 

Transwestern is working to secure a signature restaurant in One Allen Center that will have a prime location overlooking the new central lawn. Housed in a new two-story glass façade, this dynamic space will be highly visible to pedestrians and other street traffic along Dallas and Smith. 

According to Crystal Allen, Senior Vice President of Transwestern Retail Services, “Brookfield is creating a new downtown destination that will appeal not only to downtown office workers, residents, and visitors but also extend to the wider community by activating the central lawn area during weeknights and weekends. This iconic project deserves to be a “go-to” place for Houstonians and we intend to make that a reality.”

Paul Frazier, Executive Vice President of Brookfield, noted that their properties create a sense of place by integrating destination dining and amenities on-site; the highest standards in sustainability and efficiency; and a strong social, cultural and community involvement. 
Amenities available in and around Allen Center will include:

  1. Additional valet station on Dallas St. and upgraded valet options on Polk St.
  2. Transformation of courtyard into an activated greenspace that will welcome downtown visitors after traditional office hours and on weekends
  3. Installation of two-story linear glass in One Allen Center to create a visually stunning sense of arrival from Smith and Dallas Streets
  4. Multiple, readily accessible transportation options
    1. Greenlink bus service operates for free during weekdays and weekends, with  stops along Smith Street (weekdays) and Louisiana Street (weekends) 
    2. Light rail (Main Street and Theater District) – Approximately half mile walking distance
    3. Houston B-cycle (location to be installed in Antioch Park across from Allen Center)
    4. Parking garages with almost 10,000 spaces - 
      1. Allen Center (Clay St.) 
      2. Metropolitan Garage (Dallas St.) 
      3. Heritage Clay Street (Bagby St.) 
      4. Regency Garage (Clay St.) 
      5. 1100 Smith (Smith St.) 

Downtown Houston sees 220,000 visitors daily, with 150,000 employees and 11 million people attending downtown events annually. There are currently 55,769 residents living downtown, with 4,661 new units planned or under construction. In addition, the City of Houston and Downtown District’s initiatives to provide an enjoyable pedestrian experience by improving wayfinding, making upgrades along Dallas Street, marketing  downtown through “Something Big Is Up,” providing regular free events and adding new art installations have inspired people to embrace retail outside of the tunnel system. 

The Allen Center renovation began in May 2016 and construction is on track for a third quarter 2017 completion.

June 6

Courtyard transformation now underway!

Construction on the Courtyard between One and Two Allen Center began today as a part of the “Reimagining Allen Center” project. Tenants and visitors will be able to travel between buildings via the East Sky Bridge, closest to Smith Street. 

To see construction areas between One and Two Allen center, click to see our map here.

Signage is also available throughout the complex showing closings and directing to alternate paths of travel.

The Courtyard will be transformed into a beautiful, lush green space which will feature events, art installations and more. To learn more, visit our project page.

May 4

OSHA Safety Lunch

On Wednesday May 4th, Harvey and their subcontractors took an opportunity to participate in Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OHSA) National Safety Week. Each year OSHA designates one week to focus on trending safety statistics and reinforce the importance of every worker going home safe. Harvey provided a fajita lunch and gave out several raffle prizes including Home Depot gift cards and tools.